Qualities an SEO Expert Must Possess

There are many people claiming to be SEO experts. They range from individual consultants to employees you can hire to SEO firms. It really does not matter who they are. What matters most is what they do. They bring your search engine ranking to the top. But in order for them to do this they must be real SEO experts.

How can you tell that they really are?

Here are some qualities to look for:

Knowledgeable Search engine optimization is not easy. An expert needs to have extensive knowledge about what is involved in the entire process. They should be able to code the structure of the website, carry out on-page optimisation and off-page optimization. They should understand the different tactics they can apply to make a website the best ranked.

They should stay up to date with the algorithmic requirements and rules set by search engines on the ranking of websites. This way they will be able to apply these to your website and give actual results.

Other than being knowledgeable an SEO expert needs to be able to apply the knowledge on your website.

Ask them for a plan before they can start working and you will know how knowledgeable they are.


It is said that experience is the best teacher and this applies to SEO experts. With experience, SEO experts learn how to handle different situations. They will have worked with different kinds of websites and will know the right tactics to apply on yours.

Get details on the past jobs the SEO expert has worked on and the results they got. Being experienced however is not useful if the expert has not been able to deliver results to the previous clients.

Ask for references and talk to them to find out what the success rates are.

A good communicator

When you hire an SEO expert you will need to be in constant contact with them. They need to explain their plan to you clearly and inform you on the progress. Only a person with good communication skills will be able to do this. They should be fluent in talking and relate well with others. After all, the SEO expert will not be working in a vacuum but in an environment where he or she will be interacting with other professionals.

Understand marketing

An SEO expert who has knowledge on marketing is a great choice. They will know how to assess the target audience and apply tactics that will turn them into actual clients. SEO is not just about getting a website to rank highly on search engine results but also a means to attract potential clients and eventually result in actual sales. Only a good marketer can be able to turn interest into an actual sale. They will create content that is useful to the visitors and that convinces them to buy from you. Passionate and hard working An SEO expert is passionate about what they do will offer the best. A hard worker will be able to work hard and deliver the results you desire in a short while.

This article was written by Richie Richardson of Omaha SEO Expert Service. Although Richie is an SEO expert in Omaha he has ranked several client’s globally and locally in several areas other than Omaha.